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Phal. tetraspis var. alba

Phal. tetraspis var. alba
19.95 EUR
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Paph. acmodontum
 Paph. acmodontum   27.95 EUR 
Paph. adductum x glanduliferum
 Paph. adductum x glanduliferum   14.95 EUR 
Paph. Angel Hair (St. Swithin x sanderianum)
 Paph. Angel Hair (St. Swithin x sanderianum)   12.95 EUR 
Paph. appletonianum x thailandense
 Paph. appletonianum x thailandense   12.95 EUR 
Paph. barbatum
 Paph. barbatum   12.95 EUR 
Paph. barbatum var. nigritum
 Paph. barbatum var. nigritum   12.95 EUR 
Paph. barbigerum var. sulivongii
 Paph. barbigerum var. sulivongii   19.95 EUR 
Paph. bellatulum
 Paph. bellatulum   19.95 EUR 
Paph. bellatulum
 Paph. bellatulum   12.95 EUR 
Paph. bellatulum x adductum var. anitum
 Paph. bellatulum x adductum var. anitum   19.95 EUR 
Paph. bellatulum x sukhakulii
 Paph. bellatulum x sukhakulii   12.95 EUR 
Paph. Belle Luxe
 Paph. Belle Luxe   14.95 EUR 
Paph. callosum
 Paph. callosum   12.95 EUR 
Paph. callosum var. sublaeve
 Paph. callosum var. sublaeve   12.95 EUR 
Paph. chamberlainianum
 Paph. chamberlainianum   14.95 EUR 
Paph. charlesworthii
 Paph. charlesworthii   14.95 EUR 
Paph. charlesworthii x stonei
 Paph. charlesworthii x stonei   19.95 EUR 
Paph. concolor
 Paph. concolor   19.95 EUR 
Paph. concolor var. striatum
 Paph. concolor var. striatum   19.95 EUR 
Paph. curtisii
 Paph. curtisii   14.95 EUR 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 69 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
1) Preisangabe inklusive Umsatzsteuer zuzüglich Versandkosten, eventueller Nachnahmegebühr und eventuellem Mindermengenzuschlag.
2) Blühstark bedeutet, dass die Pflanze grundsätzlich blühfähig ist. Wann die Pflanze blüht, hängt von der Blütezeit der Pflanze ab.
Our specials of the month October
Chysis bruennowiana
 Chysis bruennowiana   7.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
Dtps. Purple Gem
 Dtps. Purple Gem   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Epic. Rene Marquez x Ca. schilleriana
 Epic. Rene Marquez x Ca. schilleriana   7.95 EUR  5.96 EUR 
Laelia praestans x Rhyncholaelia digbyana
 Laelia praestans x Rhyncholaelia digbyana   9.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
P. (speciosa x Lds Queen Bear) x KTC Khao Kitchakut
 P. (speciosa x Lds Queen Bear) x KTC Khao Kitchakut   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
P. Ktc Khao Khitchakut x corningiana
 P. Ktc Khao Khitchakut x corningiana   12.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
P. Mok Choi Yew x violacea Indigo Blue
 P. Mok Choi Yew x violacea Indigo Blue   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Paph. Debbie Robinson
 Paph. Debbie Robinson   12.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Paph. delenatii alba
 Paph. delenatii alba   12.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Phal. Pinlong Cheris x Blue Vivian
 Phal. Pinlong Cheris x Blue Vivian   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Phal. Tetrasambo x Tying Shin Popularity
 Phal. Tetrasambo x Tying Shin Popularity   19.95 EUR  12.95 EUR 
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 
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01.Paph. Maudiae Vinicolor
02.Paph. delenatii
03.Paph. bellatulum
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05.Paph. concolor
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Phal. Pinlong Cheris x Blue Vivian

Phal. Pinlong Cheris x Blue Vivian
14.95 EUR
9.95 EUR
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Phal. gigantea alba Ta Wie
Good quality and I received the plant in flawless condition. ..
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