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Rlc. Nakornchiasri Red

Rlc. Nakornchiasri Red
19.95 EUR
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other orchids
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Catasetum Broga Black Leopard
 Catasetum Broga Black Leopard   9.95 EUR 
Catasetum Greg Scott AM/AOS
 Catasetum Greg Scott AM/AOS   9.95 EUR 
Catasetum Jamie Lawson XOXO
 Catasetum Jamie Lawson XOXO   9.95 EUR 
Catasetum Jumbo Carnival
 Catasetum Jumbo Carnival   29.95 EUR 
Cattleychea Merry Green x Enc. tampensis
 Cattleychea Merry Green x Enc. tampensis   19.95 EUR 
Chysis sedenii (bractescens x limminghei)
 Chysis sedenii (bractescens x limminghei)   7.95 EUR 
Clowesetum Jumbo Circ Green
 Clowesetum Jumbo Circ Green   29.95 EUR 
Clowesetum Jumbo Northen
 Clowesetum Jumbo Northen   29.95 EUR 
Coelogyne carinata x sanderiana
 Coelogyne carinata x sanderiana   7.95 EUR 
Coelogyne celebensis x usitana
 Coelogyne celebensis x usitana   12.95 EUR 
Coelogyne kinabaluensis x carinata
 Coelogyne kinabaluensis x carinata   7.95 EUR 
Coelogyne lawrenceana x salmonicolor
 Coelogyne lawrenceana x salmonicolor   7.95 EUR 
Coelogyne lawrenceana x speciosa
 Coelogyne lawrenceana x speciosa   7.95 EUR 
Coelogyne schilleriana x usitana
 Coelogyne schilleriana x usitana   7.95 EUR 
Coelogyne suaveolens x usitana
 Coelogyne suaveolens x usitana   7.95 EUR 
Den. (smilliae x secundum) Schwerte
 Den. (smilliae x secundum) Schwerte   7.95 EUR 
Den. auriculatum x hekouense
 Den. auriculatum x hekouense   14.95 EUR 
Den. auriculatum x roslii
 Den. auriculatum x roslii   12.95 EUR 
Den. glomeratum x roslii
 Den. glomeratum x roslii   9.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
Den. glomeratum x sanderae
 Den. glomeratum x sanderae   9.95 EUR 
Displaying 21 to 40 (of 111 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
1) Preisangabe inklusive Umsatzsteuer zuzüglich Versandkosten, eventueller Nachnahmegebühr und eventuellem Mindermengenzuschlag.
2) Blühstark bedeutet, dass die Pflanze grundsätzlich blühfähig ist. Wann die Pflanze blüht, hängt von der Blütezeit der Pflanze ab.
Our specials of the month December
Ca. NSA Big China
 Ca. NSA Big China   19.95 EUR  12.95 EUR 
Den. glomeratum x roslii
 Den. glomeratum x roslii   9.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
Dendrobium auriculatum
 Dendrobium auriculatum   9.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Jacquiniella equitantifolia
 Jacquiniella equitantifolia   12.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Oerstedella centradenia
 Oerstedella centradenia   12.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Phal. Mituo Prince Chin Ming
 Phal. Mituo Prince Chin Ming   19.95 EUR  12.95 EUR 
Phal. speciosa x mariae
 Phal. speciosa x mariae   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Tolumnia scandens
 Tolumnia scandens   9.95 EUR  1.00 EUR 
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01.Fredclarkeara After Dark SVO Black Pearl FCC/AOS
02.Zygonisia Murasakikomachi
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05.Den. helix x Doctor Uthai
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Tolumnia scandens

Tolumnia scandens
9.95 EUR
1.00 EUR
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Great healthy plants! Kaoda twinkle came with a flower spike, healthy and growing...Cant wait to enjoy the blooms..Trust ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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Myrmecocattleya Rios Little Treasure
The plant looks healthy, strong pseudobulbs and shiny leaves ..
5 of 5 Stars!